Parking is available only for daily rentals in our closed compound with 24-hour security.

  1. Enter the compound
  2. Pay for parking at the Front Desk
  3. Get your paid stub and slot number from the cashier
  4. Display the paid stub inside your car, at the windshield glass on the driver’s side.


There is an additional 20% surcharge for late payment. Please be advised that your car may be towed for non-payment because our guards would not know which car belongs to our guests.  Turn off your car engine immediately to avoid engine fumes. We do not allow drivers to warm up their engine and create smoke emissions because it is hazardous to the health. We do not allow car washing in our car park area, because wet ground is hazardous.


Please understand that space is expensive. If we give parking for free, the parking slots will be very full and you will not be able to park. Coasters and busses not allowed. There will be parking charges even for two minutes only.

Rooms498 reserves the right to refuse parking. Parking is only for patrons of Rooms498. Rooms498 assumes no responsibility for loss or damages to your car and contents while parked at our premises.



* There will be parking charges even for two minutes only.