Speedwash Laundry - Mandaluyong City-self service-machine
  1. Pay at the Cashier
  2. Purchase detergent and fabric conditioner, if needed
  3. Use machine to wash your clothes
  4. Use dryer to dry your clothes

Load maximum of 10kg.

Overloading is not allowed because your clothes may not wash properly.

Our staff can assist you on how to operate the machine. Baskets can be borrowed at the Front Desk. Remember to transfer your own items from the Washing Machine to the Dryer Machine, so that you will not get charged for extra service. Remove your clothes from the dryer after the dryer cycle is complete, so that other people can use the machine. Check that your clothes are suitable for drying in the Dryer machine. Some clothing texture such as wool, will shrink.

We have the right to refuse laundry wash or any service related to laundry. We are also not responsible for any items placed in the laundry machine- even if you asked for our assistance or paid for the service. Rooms498 personnel are not allowed to wash or iron your clothing. We do not want to accidentally damage your favourite items.

Speedwash Laundry - Mandaluyong City-self service-machine