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Compare our rooms with other room rentals. We guarantee you'll come back to stay with us again the next time you visit the City of Manila. Our clients are happy with us.

Bed Room

Compare our room rentals with our competitors. Ours is new , clean and very homey. Our competitors’ pictures are really nicer but actually they are not what was portrayed in the picture.

Our picture is not taken by a professional photographer but when you are here, you will see for yourself that our room is nicer with your own eyes than in the pictures. And it is clean and of course, new

Group Room

Compare our rates and facilities with a hotel, why spend more when our rates are  much much lower and super reasonable with the quality we offer you .”A HOME STAY”.  Beds are made up of first class quality materials with uratex foam.

Other transient homes might just be a dollar cheaper but consider our facilities like your home, clean and  convenient while our competitors’ place maybe old and dirty.


Conveniently located at the heart of Metro Manila where shopping centers, universities, and government offices are nearby. We are also 10 minutes away from Makati City, Greenhills, Sta. Ana, and Pasig; One jeepney ride from MRT Boni Station, Edsa.

Our Food

Compare your food expenses.  We have 24 hour convenience store and canteen food  from 7am to 9pm in the evening. Or inform our cook, that your group needs to eat breakfast at 2am in the morning.  

While our competitors does not have food facilities or  maybe their food is super  expensive.  Honestly, you will save more staying with us.  We have everything you need from laundry, food convenience store to  carparks.

Our place is worth the money you spend .. I am sure you will like our rooms and come back for more. We have all kinds of rooms you may need…