1.) Please present a valid ID and contact information to be photo copied.

2.) Locker charges are to be paid in advance. We require additional P150 as lock security deposit which is only refundable upon return. You can use your own lock or purchase from our convenience store. Lock is available at our convenience store for only P150.

3.) All lockers must be cleared out at the end of each rental period.

 4.)Reclaiming the contents of a locker must be done during the date of rental expiration; otherwise, the contents will be disposed without notice.

5.) We reserve the right to refuse locker rentals.

6.) All lockers are the exclusive property of Rooms 498 and, as such, may be opened for operational and or safety maintenance purposes without prior notice.

7.) For safety purposes, all bags and luggages are subject for inspection upon check-in. Prohibited drugs and guns are not allowed.